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Bitcoin Cash Wallet – A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Cash




Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

After Bitcoin hard fork that divide the bitcoin network into two – BTC and BCH; all Bitcoin holders on Freewallet obtained their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coins. IOS users needed to wait until fresh altcoin is accepted by Apple Inc; while Android mobile users had an opportunity to set up their Bitcoin Cash wallet well before the user triggered fork. For most people, the Bitcoin Cash wallet is the address; offered by a few of those exchanges that offer alternative variant of Bitcoin.

Even though there’s some merit to that means the user is not in control of her or his funds. For those people who wish to support Bitcoin Cash rather than be reliant on a market to keep their funds protected, alternative pocket solutions are in demand. The solution would use the upgraded Bitcoin ABC binaries that were released. The upgraded client offers powerful replay protection, which was among the facets in which some exchanges felt Bitcoin Cash has been lacking. Furthermore, other modifications have been introduced; including updated ABC logos.

It appears most of the binaries were predicated; on the Bitcoin Unlimited client, which is not entirely surprising. We could only hope this software does not cause error nodes and any issues offline.

Get your Bitcoin Cash Wallet

A developer of user-friendly cryptowallets, Freewallet, has released first-ever Portable Bitcoin Cash wallet for iOS. Having a heart-felt sympathy for iOS users who continue suffering from Apple’s verification policies on crypto currencies, the Freewallet team was doing everything they can. Finally, they happily announced that Apple had finally approved the iOS version of Bitcoin Cash wallet and published in App Store.

“It’s a major honor for us to be the first company to supply Apple users with a mobile version of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet they deserve. You’ll certainly love Bitcoin Cash, one if you prefer wallet by Freewallet. It’s literally the app; and it’s already credited with the number of coins; you’d in Bitcoin wallet at the moment of fork. It is time to check your balance and get acquainted with the newly created coin; that price rose above $600 mark” – said Alvin Hagg, the co-founder of Freewallet.

About the Company

Freewallet is a team of programmers, whose aim is to solve the “last-mile” issue for cryptocurrencies by making mobile-first cryptocurrency wallets. The people at Freewallet have developed and successfully released several mobile based crypto wallets for major digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Dogecoin, Lisk, FantomCoin, DECENT, Zcash, NXT, Ardor, Steem, Bancor, DiginalNote, Bytecoin, Tether, along with Bitcoin Cash. All these are mobile wallets that enable users to familiarize themselves with popular cryptocurrencies in existence and to the settings that are complex along with special technical features.


Other Bitcoin Cash Wallet Providers

Additional wallet service suppliers for Bitcoin Cash really are difficult these days to come across. On the other hand, the project has obtained significant assistance from Trezor; as the hardware wallet maker is trying to make itself compatible with the new Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Since hardware based wallets are still the good option when it has to do with safe keeping crypto currencies; that is cryptocurrency stored on a hardware wallet provides security that is significant.

There’ll also be a Ethereum based wallet solution to Bitcoin Cash. This project was not, although unlike what some people think Endorsed by the Ethereum group in a formal capacity. Instead, its source code was taken by an individual from GitHub; and flashed the Bitcoin Cash to be encouraged by it. Because its legitimacy is as yet unknown, a fork of a Bitcoin Cash requires some scrutiny.

It’s still best to wait and watch the attempt will be appreciated by community. As it stands, there will probably be a desktop client, a version of Ethereum (ETH); three crypto wallet options behind Bitcoin Cash in the future, plus a hardware based wallet. That is not a bad place to begin. The one thing missing now is a wallet; even though there are rumors Jaxx may appear to integrate support for Bitcoin Cash granted community demand that is sufficient. A whole lot of people will just leave their tokens; through the first few weeks of next month in an exchange wallet.

How to Create a Bitcoin Cash Wallet

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