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How To Store Bitcoin? Storing Cryptocurrency Safely

How To Store Bitcoin_Storing Cryptocurrency Safely

The evidence to the value of cryptocurrency and the success is the estimated value of $13,249 achieved by bitcoin on December 17, 2017.Having this value of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, in particular, has got masses attention to the malicious purpose behind them.

Since 2011, there have been 35+ heists of cryptocurrency exchanges, resulting in the loss of 980,000 Bitcoins, valued at more than $4 billion. Hackers, cybercriminals, web stalkers, and fraudsters are trying to weaken the havoc in the cryptocurrency market, by stealing coins and cryptocurrency from the user who fails to safeguard them.


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What are Smart Contracts? Explained By CoinsIQ

What are Smart Contracts

Smart contracts for cryptocurrency

Smart contracts or the self-executing contracts includes the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller these are directly written into lines of code. The transaction between buyer and seller are trackable and irreversible. All the actions are executed automatically.

The idea behind smart contracts

Smart contracts were first proposed in 1994 by Nick Szabo, an American computer scientist who invented a virtual currency called “Bit Gold” in 1998. Bitcoin consists of the basis of contracting the blockchain technology. Szabo defined the main principles of its work at that time, but there was no appropriate environment to realize those contracts at that time. A lot has changed over time with cryptocurrency emerging.

How does smart contract work?

Smart contracts work on the blockchain technology principles the terms of contracts are coded and put into the blockchain. These contracts are looped multiple times between the lines of codes. This contract is executed when the trigger happens. All this works under the terms of a contract.

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To create a smart contract, you need

Subject of the contract

To lock and unlock the program automatically program you are choosing under the contract must have access to all goods and services suiting the contract terms.

Digital signatures

The agreement of the contract is initiated by sign of the participants in the form of the primary key

Contract terms

These terms show the exact sequence of the operation and every participant has to follow these terms.

Decentralized platform

The smart contract is deployed to the Blockchain of this platform and distributed among the nodes of the platform.


Real life use

Smart contracts can be used in different real-life fields and provide great help for the same.


Results of voting can be put in blockchain; and then distributed among the nodes of a network. An advantage is all the data is encrypted and anonymous. This avoids manipulation of votes.


Smart contracts ensure transparency in the contract terms, fraud protection. It can also provide shipments tracking; with the integration of the Internet of Things. There are some other possible applications; i.e., in management, bank system, insurance, estate, IoT, and others.

Smart contract benefits

Smart contracts use all the benefits of Blockchain technology. Smart contracts provide:

•    Security

The smart contract guarantees that it will not be lost or changed without your permission. It is encrypted and distributed among nodes.

•    Economy and speed

Intermediaries are eliminated; as the process is automated.

•    Standardization

The contracts are standardized according to needs as there are different types of contracts available.

Where can I create a smart contract?

Smart contracts are implemented in blockchain with varying degrees.

•    Complete support for deals

The support team is there to help you during the whole cycle; answering your questions and solving your queries.

•    Being suitable for non-programmers

Almost all platforms require programming skills or programming services.

•    Arbitration availability

The third party involvement requires additional unnecessary waste of time and resources.

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What Is Hybrid Wallet? About Bitcoin Wallet

What Is Hybrid Wallet

The Hybrid wallet is an online account with the external-supplier where bitcoins are saved. This wallet will keep the record of your online accounts on money trade Markets; online Services and with web-based business transaction processors. This wallet enables you to send and get Bitcoins simply. You will also be required the Bitcoin private key to send cash is encoded in your program before it achieves our servers. Hybrid wallets, utilize JavaScript in the client’s program to manage private keys and create payments.

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Safe, Secure Bitcoin Storage

When you will have the wallet you can easily invest and borrow the digital currency, which is also accepted around the world and used for trading that is Bitcoin and can save the trading record on your wallet page, it has many advantages let me disclose some of them:

  • Some Bitcoin clients store their bitcoins in a website based Hybrid wallet to abstain from worrying about keeping his/her local wallet secure.
  • Utilization of a website based wallet supplier may help enhance secrecy against outsiders who watch your IP address utilization.
  • With the Hybrid wallet, a few of the services offer seconds for transfer. This enables exchanges to finish without waiting for the blocking confirmations.
  • Withdrawals can be made to any Bitcoin address. Just utilizing the withdrawal feature to withdraw the bitcoins to an address that is not yours; is practically equal to sending a payment of Bitcoin when running the Bitcoin customer locally.

Choosing A Hybrid Wallet

If you want to have strong experience of trading of Bitcoins and with the most secure Hybrid Wallet then; visit Login there, and let you have it. This site is serving thousands of people since 2011. You can also purchase the bitcoins and save them directly to your StrongCoin account. There are the majority of people have trusted this site; you must also secure your data there.

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What are Bitcoin Faucets? Bitcoin Guide for Beginners


Bitcoin faucets is basically a rewarding system completing a CAPTCHA. The bitcoins are rewarded in the form of a faucet, a faucet equal hundredth of a thousandth of a bitcoin. And they are called “Satoshis”. There are other faucets also, who dispense other cryptocurrencies instead of just Bitcoins.

The purpose of presenting Bitcoin Faucets:

The basic aim of websites presenting faucets is to increase the traffic of a website. Faucets attract high traffic. Faucets are also a great way to help people get to know bitcoins and spread awareness about them.

Faucet owners make money by placing advertisements and charging them highly. They get big money out of it; otherwise, why would someone be just distributing bitcoins to random people on the internet!?

The business model and goal is to get cheap traffic in and get them to click on the ads, making money out of it.



The best bitcoin faucets:

The list is quite long as there are so many bitcoin faucets in the market. Some of the best are,,, etc.

Visit these websites and start collecting your Satoshis.

Referral Scheme:

When using Bitcoin Faucets, you can also double your profit by 50% if your referrer someone and they start using faucets too. A variety of bonus schemes are also running every day, which makes this whole business fun!

However, if you have advert blocking extensions added to your browser, they will be soon detected by the faucets, and you won’t be paid! So, beware, remove your adblocker extensions before you get in the game.

So, what are you waiting for, plunge in, and start collecting Bitcoin Faucets.

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Make Your Computer Mine for Cash

Are you interested in learning that how you make your computer mine for cash source? Well, if yes, then we are sure that right into this piece of article you would be able to get plentiful information on this topic.

What is Computer Mining?

It has been investigated around that Minergate mining is considered to be one of the main sources of passive income. Although for some of the people especially the pioneers, who will be finding it quite a lot different as compared to the published article online on computer mining. If you want to take advantage of the chance of earning anything, then you should be instantly taking benefit from the big initial investment.

For example, we would like to present out with the example of Bitcoins! Even though if you have never used it, still it is being categorized out to be one of the latest and new virtual currency modes. It has been mentioned to be the very first currency that was controlled by the measurements of the cryptographic protocol as being rather than a central bank.

Now the main question that does hit your mind will be related to the query that how you should make money with this! This can theoretically be made possible all through the means where your computer can become a node right into your network that hence processes and later on it verify the transactions.

What Do You Need to Start Computer Mining?

In order to get started with the computer mining, you should be having a node in the network and start off with the printing of the virtual money all through the access of the computer internet coverage. You can even think about to download with some free wallet to your computer that is one of the few main miner programs and simply join it.

Isn’t it great and exciting?

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