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On the eco-system of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, you will find many unique services people enjoy using. While trades are among the most well-known services, you will find more than a dozen bitcoin wallet services readily accessible also.

The Exodus wallet is among these cryptocurrency wallet services and a lot of users, new and advanced appear to enjoy its features, even though it’s hardly ever mentioned.

In today’s post let us have a better look at exactly what this bitcoin wallet provides and why so many individuals have taken a liking for it.


Bitcoin Wallet Review – The Exodus

Though it’s hard to differentiate oneself from the ever growing competition for a bitcoin wallet service provider nowadays; the Exodus strives to do a couple of things differently, that their competitors are not doing.

First and foremost feature of the Exodus is, it not only supports bitcoin; it also seamlessly integrates with other altcoin sush as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash etc.

Unlike what some people believe, there’s still a massive demand for Dogecoin wallet solutions nowadays.

Just supporting multiple cryptocurrencies in a wallet, is not sufficient to stick out among competition, however.

The Exodus places itself as a suitable wallet alternative via its attractive and friendly user interface.

Actually, an individual could argue anyone on earth can get comfy using the Exodus in minutes; irrespective of any previous experience with cryptocurrency wallet alternatives.

In this aspect, the Exodus is undoubtedly a wallet of choice to both novice and advanced cryptocurrency users.

What Makes the Exodus Different

In addition to a friendly interface, the wallet also displays a pie chart; which changes according to an individual’s crypto currency or bitcoin holdings.

This unique feature is well appreciated by a plenty of users up to now, as it gives an intriguing visual of all their cryptocurrency holdings.

Additionally, this crypto wallet also displays an integrated market, allowing for immediate crypto trading involving the top five crypto currencies that they support.

A fantastic feature that much is sure.

That doesn’t indicate that the crypto wallet isn’t available without its flaws.

An awesome feature that could make the Exodus more rewarding is; having the choice to control several other crypto currency addresses inside a single wallet.

For instance, currently it isn’t feasible to have both a normal crypto wallet address along with a watch-only address (like a cold storage) inside a same wallet client.

This could be a large let-down for a whole lot of users, though this is something the wallet programmers can quickly fix in a future upgrade.

Final Thoughts

Customization is yet another important portion of a cryptocurrency wallet in life; and Exodus might require a little more work in this section.

Do remember that the Exodus wallet itself works just fine; yet nonresident Americans might want to change their settings to display their portfolio worth in a their national currency.

Nonetheless, there is always scope for improvements, be it life or a software product.

A few additional customization choices are more than welcome; even though there’s not any reason to think they won’t be added at a future wallet upgrade.

The built-in live exchange feed was very well received by the crypto community up to now, that much is sure.

It is well worth mentioning that the Exodus is just available for desktop users, because at least for now there is no mobile app available.

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