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How to Earn Bitcoins Playing Games?


Interested in bitcoin? Looking for ways to easily earn free bitcoin? Love playing games? How to earn bitcoins playing games? Look no further, because all you have to do to earn free bitcoin is to play a few games online!

It may come as a surprise, but there are tons of websites out there featuring free games that you can play to win bitcoin as a prize. If you’re already playing games in your free time, why not make some virtual cash while doing it?

In this article, we list several different types of games, from quiz to mobile, in which you can play for free bitcoin. If we’ve missed any on this list that you know of, feel free to send us a message or suggestion.

Note: As always, remember that playing games for bitcoin isn’t a way to get rich off of bitcoin. It is, however, a great way to earn a bit of money with a little bit of fun. 

How to earn bitcoins playing financial games?

Maybe you majored in finance in college or you have an interest in money. Either way, there are some financial games out there that you can use to earn your first bitcoin. One of the most prominent financial games here is SparkProfit.

SparkProfit is a financial simulation game in which you try your hand at making predictions about real financial markets. Imagine trading stock, but without losses and only bitcoins to be gained. And, you can trade in digital currency markets too! In this game, the better you do, the more you earn. Unlock more currencies as your predictions are more successful and build up points. If you manage to become a top trader, you could be earning up to $100 in bitcoins per month!

How to earn bitcoins playing business investment games?

If you’re looking for more money related games, but more on the business side, look into FarmSatoshi. If you’ve ever played Farmville on Facebook, this game might ring some bells. In FarmSatoshi, you grow a farm and look after the animals on your farm. It’s simple to get started – get the game and just follow the on screen instructions to easily gain levels in the beginning.

However, to excel in this game, your dedication and time management skills must be delicately honed. You must constantly be upgrading, completing levels, and keeping your hungry farm animals satisfied by keeping their water, corn, hay, carrots, and grain supply filled. Once you’ve built up a healthy thriving farm, the bitcoins easily follow after.

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How to earn bitcoins playing mobile games?

If you love mobile games for their flexibility and ease of use with your smart phone, then look into these mobile games. The first game we want to talk about is SaruTobi, a game reminiscent of Flappy Bird, back in its day. In this mobile game, you’re an 8-bit monkey called SaruTobi that swings around vines in a jungle, collecting bananas and coins along the way. With the bananas, you can upgrade various tools to propel you and help you get around. Any coins you collect are free bitcoins! Get it in the iTunes store for Free and start making free bitcoins today!

The second mobile game is for you Android owners out there – Oh Crop! This game pits you against a plant uprising in an apocalyptic future. Plants come from all sides to bombard you with seeds, vines, and various other plan-related parts. To earn bitcoin from this game, you’ve got to get a top score and appear on the leaderboard.

How to earn bitcoins playing flash games?

Although mobile games are great, let’s end the article by taking it back to good ‘ol flash games. Yes, you can earn bitcoins playing flash games too. The first site we’d like to talk about is TremorGames. This site offers tons of different flash games that all can earn you “Tremor Coins”. If you’re looking for variety, this is the site to go to. Our favorite games from TremorGames are Shape Fold Animals, a great puzzle game, and Revive the Monster, a physical puzzle about a funny Monster. Once you’ve earned enough Tremor Coins, you can cash them in for various prizes, including a bitcoin payout.

Another great flash game ClashClamber. This site, like TremorGames, features a set of mini games you have to complete. Unlike TremorGames, however, ClashClamber gives out free bitcoins in real time every 30 minutes to the user with the longest winning streak. This user-friendly site makes it extremely easy to see what your streak is, what the leader streak is, and how much time left is on the clock. If you love a fast-paced challenge, this is the place to be.

How to earn bitcoins playing quiz games?

Last but not least in our list is the quiz games. For those of you that loved solving crossword puzzles or answering interesting questions, we’ve got two great suggestions for you. The first is Satoshi Quiz, a fun little quiz game that features a good mixture of easy and tough questions. You get one minute for each question so if you’re fast enough, you can ask a friend or even Google the answer to the question. Answer enough questions right and win the prize pot of 1000 Satoshis for each question. You can also try your hand at the regular challenges Satoshi Quiz puts out, and possibly win 1 million Satoshis. Like they say on their site, “Knowledge is Money!”

The second quiz game we like is Bitcoin Riddles. This unique game presents questions as YouTube videos. Like Satoshi Quiz, it gives out rewards to those who solve the questions the fastest, and also features questions ranging from easy to hard difficulty.


So, what are you waiting for? There’s a game out there for everyone, even if you’re not a regular gamer. With bitcoin prizes being handed out constantly, the chances of you winning some are inevitably high. Plus, why not make some money while having some fun for once?

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