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How To Earn Bitcoins With Bitcoin? CoinsIQ


Magnr is a website which pays you interest on the Bitcoin deposits which you make. It is like a savings account but only for Bitcoins. This is a new concept. As the popularity of Bitcoin increases more and more, there are newer and newer avenues of making a decent return on it. Instead of just holding the Bitcoins, you can easily deposit the Bitcoins with Magnr. Magnr enables you to earn bitcoins with bitcoin. You would be able to make a decent return on it. The interest rate which they offer is 2.35%.


The interest payouts are also on a monthly basis. Also, the minimum deposit for Bitcoins is on the lower side at just 0.0025 Bitcoins.

Magnr also provides you with the trading platform. The trading dashboard is pretty clean and easy to understand. You would be able to see the current value of the traded Bitcoins in real time. This makes it easier for you to track your trades.

Many of the people wonder how Magnr is able to make money. The Bitcoins which are deposited in the savings account are lent to the traders on their trading platform. The Bitcoins are lent at a very high-interest rate to the traders. This enables Magnr to provide savings interest rate on your deposit. With this you can make a decent profit with their savings account.

One of the main advantage of depositing the Bitcoins is that in addition to the value of the Bitcoin themselves increasing, you would also be able to get an additional interest rate which would add to the yield which you are getting on Bitcoins.

So, instead of keeping Bitcoins as it is, deposit them with Magnr so that you are able to get healthy interest on it and get a better return on your investment.

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