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How to get Bitcoins? A beginner’s guide to earn free bitcoin fast


Free Bitcoin Guide – Earn Free Bitcoin Fast

While mining Bitcoins takes significant overhead and investment, earning free Bitcoins is much simpler and more straightforward. There are multiple different ways you can do this, without the hassle of setting up a system for mining. Keep reading to learn more.


Bitcoin Faucets

Perhaps the easiest way to earn free Bitcoins is to use a Bitcoin Faucet. These are websites that simply give out free Bitcoins to its visitors. Simply make an account on the website and start receiving free Bitcoins every so often.

Now why would someone just give out Bitcoins for free? In the beginning, it was to spread the word about the world’s first cryptocurrency. Today, faucet sites earn significant revenue from ad placement and referral programs.

PTC Websites

PTC, or Paid-To-Click websites, will give you a small number of Bitcoins for completing certain tasks on their website. These tasks can include viewing ads, watching videos, answering forum questions, completing analytical tasks, and making purchases. While there are many PTC websites that give out free Bitcoins in this manner, don’t expect your income to be very large.

Play a Game

Playing a game is perhaps one of the more enjoyable ways to earn free Bitcoins. There are websites and mobile apps that have a variety of different games to choose from. Games like The Blockchain Game and Bitcoin Popper are all examples of fun, popular games to earn free Bitcoins from.


Not unlike playing games, gambling allows you to earn free Bitcoins while also having some fun. With gambling sites, you have the opportunity to win big with little input. Common Bitcoin gambling sites are dice games like Prime Dice, 999Dice, and Satoshi Dice.

Interest Payments

If you already own some Bitcoins, you can put them to work to earn free Bitcoins for yourself. By lending out your Bitcoins, you can earn interest on them. Bitcoin lending is a great way to make more Bitcoins from what you already have. Either lend directly to someone you know or use a peer-to-peer lending site. If you use the second option, make sure you use a reputable site or you might put yourself and your Bitcoins at risk. The three main Bitcoin lending websites are currently Loanbase, BitBond, and BTCJam.

Bitcoin Trading

Similar to regular currencies, Bitcoin can be traded in a “market” of sorts. This method does require a bit more work than any of the other options listed above, but could also result in a higher payoff. Make sure you do your research before trying out this option, and look into the different strategies of bitcoin trading.

Final Thoughts

As you look into the different ways to earn free Bitcoins fast, remember that this is no way to get extremely wealthy. It’s impossible to make a significant number of Bitcoins without considerable time and investment. It would be wiser to instead use these methods as a way to get yourself acquainted with Bitcoin and how it works.

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