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How to Get Bitcoins? Different Ways to Earn Your First bitcoin


In this blog post let’s see some of the top ways to get your first bitcoin, including some free methods.

All you need to do is put some effort in these methods, and you will see some very impressive results. Given below are some of the proven methods to get you a lot of Bitcoin quickly. Some of these methods need investment but many of these don’t and you can start making more bitcoins in short span of time. We have not listed any method that promises a 150% return on investment or double your bitcoin in one day as they are all scams.

As with any method to earn money, getting your bitcoins also need some substantial effort.

Another important thing to understand is, there is no such thing as Free Bitcoins. It will always cost you something to get bitcoins. Not necessarily money in all cases; it could be your time, personal information like email address and so on.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the methods that will get you your first bitcoins.

Before we actually start, it is important to choose your bitcoin wallet to store the bitcoins you earned. There are many types of Bitcoin wallets available in market today, which offer both storage and security.

  • Browser Based wallets
  • Software wallets and
  • Hardware wallets

The most common and popular type of wallet is browser-based; because all you should do is to login to the website and BOOM! You are in. You can send, receive and store your hard earned bitcoins.


Method #1 – Get Bitcoins for Viewing Advertisements

Firstly, this is not related to bitcoin faucet; although it could sound similar. You need to just click on advertisements for few seconds and that’s it. You have earned some bitcoins.

Listed below are some of the websites to start earning your bitcoins:


Method #2 – Getting your Bitcoins through Cloud Mining

Ever though how bitcoins come into circulation? That’s right! We are taking about Bitcoin Mining. Anyone can become a miner. It order to begin with bitcoin mining, you would need some special setup. Luckily, cloud mining provides the infrastructure to the user, so that he/ she does not have to invest in getting expensive computer setup.

Given below are some of the best cloud mining platforms:


Method #3 – Earning bitcoins for searching the Internet

You read it right! You can actually earn bitcoins by doing a search; similar to a search on any search engine. Every time you search for something on SearchTrade, you get paid in bitcoins. Additionally, you can buy some keywords and whenever someone searches for your keyword, BOOM! You are paid. How simple is that?


Method #4 – Earning bitcoins through Peer Lending

Have you ever heard about peer lending or crowd funding. Well this method is similar to that. You can lend you bitcoins to someone as a loan and you can make some money as interest payment. Remember, there are certain parameters to consider before lending as you are lending not by credit score.

Listed below are some of the websites that connet lenders and borrowers fo bitcoin:


Method #5 – How to get bitcoins by playing games

Do you love playing games? Well, don’t waste your gift. 🙂  Bitcoin has enabled several business opportunities around the globe and you can earn in bitcoins for playing some of your favorite games. One Hash is a gamming platform where you can play any game you love: foot-ball, basketball, American football, tennis, and/ or even combat sports.



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