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Samourai – Bitcoin Wallet Review


Another bitcoin wallet review by CoinsIQ

Bitcoin wallets these days are available in plenty. The problem is that most of these wallets are not secure. Most of the Bitcoin wallet companies do not take proactive steps in order to make them secure. When you’re storing your Bitcoins in these wallets, it is important for you that the Bitcoins remain entirely secure. That is why you have to always opt for the most secure Bitcoin wallet. Also, not all the Bitcoin wallets run on all operating systems. That is why it is important for you to look at the operating system compatibility of the Bitcoins as well. Once you are able to look at the operating system compatibility, that is only when you would realize whether this particular Bitcoin wallet is good enough for you or not.

Today we would speak about Samourai wallet – a Bitcoin wallet review. We would go into the details of this Bitcoin wallet in order to help you better understand whether it is a good enough option or not.


What is Samourai Bitcoin wallet?

Samourai wallet is a mobile wallet. The main focus of this wallet is on the security as well as accessibility of the wallet. Owing to this very reason, if you’re looking for a secured wallet which provides you with privacy as well, this is one of the best options for you.

As more and more electronic wallets become more accessible to people, the competition just keeps on increasing. Some of the electronic wallets just keep on innovating newer and newer features and incorporates them in its wallet in order to make it more usable for people. That is why, if you’re looking for advance mobile wallet, Samourai Bitcoin wallet is the perfect option for you.

Samourai Bitcoin Wallet’s Features:

Now we would go into the features of the Samourai Bitcoin wallet.

  1. Enhanced security:

Samourai wallet does not just comply with the industry standard security protocols but it also has an advanced security protocols as well. You would have to enter a pin code in order to open up the wallet each and every time you want to use it.

  1. Privacy:

Samourai Bitcoin only does not use the same Bitcoin addresses. This ensures that you are able to hide your identity as well. Also, you can conduct as many transactions as you want without having to use the same kind of Bitcoin wallet address.

  1. Easier to send Bitcoins:

The platform for sending the Bitcoins is also pretty easy to use. You can directly send the Bitcoins from your smartphone. Also, private sending feature is also possible. Whenever the network is slow, the wallet would also inform you regarding the time which it will take for the network to process the Bitcoins. This ensures that it becomes easier for you to decide how much fees you have to pay in order to get the transaction completed at a faster pace.

  1. QR codes facility:

Instead of sending the wallet ID, you can use the wallet facility in order to scan the code and send the payment. This ensures that you do not have to type the pretty long Bitcoin wallet id. This also provides you with an enhanced security as well as QR codes are very difficult to manipulate.

The QR codes can also keep the wallet ID of your Bitcoin wallet completely secure.


  1. Trust Node:

If while sending the Bitcoins, you do not want the Samourai Bitcoin wallet to use their own nodes in Iceland, you can input your own trust node. This would ensure that your transactions are completed through those trusted notes. This would provide you with an enhanced layer of security.

  1. Stealth mode:

Even if you want to remotely view the Bitcoin wallet ID, you can send an SMS to your phone with the text:


This would provide you with the seed of the wallet.

You can even wipe your wallet remotely as well. There are quite a few other commands as well which you can opt for remotely.

Moreover, if you want to hide the wallet in your smartphone, that is possible as well. Normal people would not be able to view the wallet at all. In order to view the wallet, you have to dial


This would open up the Samourai Bitcoin wallet.

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