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The Best Way to Invest in Bitcoin – CoinsIQ

Best Way to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency and the worldwide payment system. Some thought of this as a fad but Blockchain technology, Bitcoin, Ethereum they are all in the news right now, and there is no end to their sight. The fever of cryptocurrency is all upon people, and each of them is trying to take full advantage of this “Crypto fever.”

In this blog post we will cover a better way to ride the crypto wave and show a best way to invest in bitcoin. Just keep reading !

Setting The Stage But How? (What is Bitcoin)

Now the question arises how? Besides the ability to change rapidly and unpredictably mainly for the worse some of the most significant risks right now have the lot to do with the exchanges and result of breaking security.

Outside of this, there are also some scenarios where 10%, 30%, or even 50% of the value of things like Bitcoin or Ether can be lost in slight of a moment. For the novice crypto trader, this gets an alarming situation where tens of thousands of accounts were hacked.

And so, companies like Global Blockchain Technology Corp (BLKCF) come into action to make investment more comfortable and safer for novice crypto traders. This company includes a team of well-trained advocates to target some of the biggest wealth drivers in the digital currency market by investing into different cryptocurrency mixes. This could be the best way to invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

What Global Blockchain Technology Corp (BLKCF) Does?

BLKCF includes investments directly into “blue chip” cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It is gaining direct exposure to some of the biggest booms in crypto till date including sub-section of initial coin offerings or ICOs.

Global Blockchain Technology Corp

For all the novice crypto investors this is the vast opportunity to hedge into the growing bunch of cryptocurrencies. But this is just beginning; to be honest of those looking directly at Global Blockchain Technology Corp (BLKCF).

The cryptocurrency hedge has shown enormous expansion to date. Cryptocurrencies hold market capitalizations at or above $1 billion; while the total market sits well around $100 billion. BLKCF is providing investors with the access to the basket of growth volunteered by the expert team of industry pioneers and the best part there is no need for the account. You can buy it online from the broker or even have an investment account like IRA or 401(k). Just like any other investment, you can invest in bitcoin.

The Surge Of the Magic Coin!

People looking at the overall landscape of bitcoin and hearing about the unstoppable growth some have made. It seems very considerate that those who thought of a bitcoin as a fad in 2009 and 2010 are kicking themselves now. The value of bitcoin has increased dramatically from 0.30$ in 2011 to 7000$. This has led to some companies creating similar tokens like bitcoin and ether to raise their funds.

Changing Waves In The Sector

The ways that cryptocurrency can be accessed, mined, or traded blockchain technology and ICOs, are massively transforming the financial scene of the marketplace. The cryptocurrency market is next to being the top of the financial world. Several Investors and Consumers have turned their preferences towards it; and are expecting almost 2000% returns coupled with the liquidity factor of their additional investments. The consumers of this technology have changed from simple geeks wanting to make money to serious-minded VCs and hedge funds planning their next play and add up to their wealth.

Firms And Their Stories

This latest blockchain-backed phenomenon has garnered attention from many firms although the most that they delve into is in the mining and the exchange route thinning a slice of it for them. MGT Capital is involved in mining, a business that demands lots of cash. Although it clocks a revenue of $2 Million in a month; almost half of it goes into the expenditure of buying rights, building sites, and powering the extensive facilities. A second company called Overstock.com (OSTK) is an e-commerce company that sells everything under the sun; has started accepting cryptocurrency as its online payment.  Bitcoin price

Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) is one of the rare pure players in the market that directly deals with on hand bitcoin price. GBTC allows its investors to follow the trends in them without buying bitcoins and storing them.

The Take – Away

Global Blockchain Technology Corp has strategically covered 75% of its holdings in cryptocurrencies. It invests only in tokens that provide functions of security and fundamental utility. The opportunities for cryptocurrency and its usage are endless. The question is “Will you ride this wave?”

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3 Best Ways To Invest In Bitcoin by CoinsIQ


Many of the people are intrigued by the continuous rise in the price of Bitcoins. Many people live in fear that if they invest in Bitcoin at the current price, they would be losing a significant amount of money. The truth is that still you can invest in Bitcoins in the right way. You have to make sure that you are having a proper strategy before investing in Bitcoins. Today we would share with you best ways to invest in Bitcoin.


  1. Going through a reputed exchange:

Instead of buying Bitcoins through a shady website, you have to go through the reputed exchanges like coin base, Kraken etc. when you are able to invest in Bitcoin with the help of these reputed exchanges, it becomes easier for you to buy Bitcoins as well. Also, the liquidity on the platform is on higher side.

This ensures that you would be able to buy and sell the Bitcoins quite easily. Moreover, you have to look into the limitations of these platforms before you submit your documents. Only when the rules and regulations of these websites are good enough for you, you can go ahead and invest in Bitcoins through these websites.

  1. Investing through investment schemes:

Currently, there are mutual funds as well as other websites which can help you in investing a part of your portfolio in crypto currencies. These crypto currencies would also include Bitcoins. That is why, if you do not want to directly invest in Bitcoins, you can opt for these mutual funds as well as crypto currency funds which would ensure that you are able to invest in crypto currencies with the expertise of the mutual fund managers. This significantly reduces the risk of investing in crypto currencies.

  1. Mining:

If you do not want to invest in Bitcoins at such a high price, you can invest in a mining rig. This would ensure that you are able to generate Bitcoins with a profit. This can also ensure that if you are able to run the rig, for a longer period of time, you would be able to get a significant number of Bitcoins as well. Since the price of Bitcoins is continuously increasing, you would be able to get a decent profit through mining as well.

So, whenever you are looking for the best ways to invest in Bitcoin, it is important to look into these 3 best ways to invest in Bitcoin which we have discussed above and thereafter you can decide which option you need to opt for.

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Top bitcoin investment sites


Best Bitcoin Investment Sites and Exchanges

There are quite a few exchanges as well as industries which are using Bitcoins as the default currency. Instead of just holding, you can deposit your Bitcoins on these websites on a daily interest. You can also withdraw your Bitcoins whenever you need them. Thus, instead of keeping the Bitcoins as it is in your wallet, you can opt for depositing the Bitcoins in these investment websites in order to get a consistent return.

We would today share with you some such options which would help you in investing your Bitcoins.

1. Bitbond.com:

This particular website allows you to lend to other businesses as well as individuals using Bitcoins. Depending on the credit rating of the borrowers, you would be able to get interest on the Bitcoins which you are lending. This website is a form of peer to peer lending only the currencies in the form of Bitcoins.

2. Ethtrade.net:

This website offers you a return in the range of 15% on a monthly basis when you’re depositing your Bitcoins. They use the Bitcoins for trading purposes. They also provide you with a secure and easy interface when you’re depositing your Bitcoins or withdrawing your Bitcoins through this website. The website is consistently trading in different crypto currencies as well as Bitcoins. Owing to this very reason, it needs as many Bitcoins as it can get. That is why this is a good option when you’re trying to invest Bitcoins.


3. Ebitinvest.com:

This website offers a platform for crypto currency trading. That is why they are looking for Bitcoin deposits. You would be able to get a monthly interest on your Bitcoin deposits. Currently, they are offering a very high-interest rate on Bitcoin deposits. That is why you should research very well before investing with this website.

4. Bitcoininvest.eu:

This company is registered in the United Kingdom. They use Bitcoins to trade in stocks as well as other crypto currencies. They offer you up to 3% on a daily basis. They have different plans depending on the number of days for which you want to invest.

As you can see, when you’re looking for top Bitcoin investment sites, you have to look into these few options. You have to research the top Bitcoin investment sites carefully and after that, you would be able to get the correct website through which you would be able to earn interest by depositing Bitcoins.

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Top 5 Bitcoin Investment Sites – Invest Bitcoins for 20% ROI

As bitcoins have become more popular and the market volatility has dropped, the profit you can make from simply buying and holding bitcoins has dropped significantly.

Luckily, there is another way to make money with bitcoin: Peer to peer lending. Since this method is less traditional than many other methods, you can generate great returns on your investment with just a bit of research and smart decision making.

Keep reading to find out how you can achieve a 20% ROI each year on your bitcoin investment.


Disclaimer: With great reward comes great risk. Do your research and understand what you’re doing before you go out and invest all of your savings in bitcoin. Making smart decisions with your money is the safest and best way to guarantee a great investing experience and profit.

Bitcoin Investment – Best Practices

Before we go into the top 5 bitcoin investment sites, let’s cover how you can safely and securely invest your money. Since most bitcoin loans offer a high interest rate, it’s more important to verify the credibility of the person you’re loaning to rather than looking solely at the interest rate.

After setting up an account, there are several elements you should look for before choosing someone to loan your bitcoins to:

  • Solid credentials
  • Member of the site for a sufficient period of time
  • Reputation and no negative reviews
  • Specific borrower interactions

Now that you’ve confirmed the reliability and credibility of the borrower, you can finally look into the interest rate of the investment. A few tips for lending money:

  • Find loans that are almost 100% funded. These are likely more reliable.
  • Look for people that have already repaid some earlier loans.
  • Look for projects with very specific descriptions.


Now that you know how to identify a reliable person to loan money to; what kind of loans you should look out for.

Here are the top 5 investment sites for investing your bitcoins:

*Note: We didn’t include the most popular site BTCJam because they’re shutting down lending on their site.

Site 1: BTCPop.com

BTCPop is the first site we cover that allows you to lend to your peers using cryptocurrency technology. Their lending site is based solely on reputation; not credit score, which has its own benefits and drawbacks. Follow the steps outlined above and you can minimize the risk of loaning out your money on this site.

BTCPop also allows you to exchange your money into different cryptocurrencies, move your money into large pools, and invest in startups that are using the site.

Site 2: BitLendingClub.com

BitLendingClub is another bitcoin lending site that has over 2073 borrowers, 9963 loans funded totaling over $7,963,687, and over 4718 active investors. In a few simple steps, you can sign up, get verified, and submit a loan request. Or, you can help fund an active loan on the site.

Site 3: BitBond.com

BitBond is the third bitcoin lending site that we suggest taking a look at. They offer profitable interest rates for individual investors, as well as loans for small businesses. BitBond successfully leverages bitcoin as a technology and payment network to create the first global market for small business loans or fixed income loans. With digital currency, BitBond makes loaning out to small business quicker and easier because they can bypass the slowness and expense of traditional payment transactions.

Site 4: Tether.to

Tether is a more recently created company that is built upon open blockchain technologies. It’s 100% backed, offers widespread integration, and is transparent and secure with all of its transactions.

Tether offers solutions for blockchain companies, exchanges, and the individual trader; making it a very versatile solution for any number of exchanges. It also allows you to make transactions with several different cryptocurrencies, so you’re not limited to bitcoin.

Site 5: CoinStaker.com

Last but not least is CoinStaker. They offer a nice overview of how P2P bitcoin lending can work, and allow you to also gamble, trade, monitor, and buy your bitcoins.

If you choose P2P bitcoin lending as a way to earn more bitcoin, do some thorough research on each of these sites before making a final decision. Peer to peer lending can be a great way to earn interest on your bitcoin, if you play it safe and make educated decisions about who you lend to. Be safe and enjoy lending.

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Trading Cryptocurrency for Profit and Beginners 2017


Crypto currencies are becoming more and more famous over the last few years. This is primarily due to the rise in the value of these crypto currencies. This rise is led by Bitcoins. Now-a-days even people who do not know anything about crypto currencies are thinking about investing in them. The truth is that, if you really want to invest in crypto currencies, you have to 1st get the basics right. Only when you’re able to get these basics right, it becomes easier for you to invest in the cryptocurrencies and make a decent profit.

Today we would share with you some knowledge about cryptocurrencies which would certainly help you in crypto currency investing and getting it right.

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