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Top Bitcoin Exchanges – Buy And Sell Bitcoins


The astronomical rise in the price of Bitcoins has resulted in immense attention from the general investing public as well. Owing to this very reason, many people are now looking for top Bitcoin exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoins. If you’re just looking for any exchange, you would find hundreds of options to choose from. However, when you’re looking at the top Bitcoin exchanges, you have to carefully filter out the best ones and use only those.

Also, buying and selling the Bitcoins would be dependent on the liquidity on that particular website. Owing to this very reason, you have to carefully select top Bitcoin exchanges which have the required amount of liquidity as well so that you are able to easily buy and sell Bitcoins.

We would today share with you four different exchanges on which you can easily buy and sell Bitcoins.

  1. Coinbase:

Coinbase is headquartered in San Francisco. One of the main reasons why it ranks so highly on our list is because of the user-friendly interface. Whether you have used Bitcoin exchanges before or not, you would surely be able to understand the simple interface of this Bitcoin exchange. It allows you to deposit funds through the cards as well as bank transfers. Thus, you would be able to easily buy the quantity of Bitcoins which you want.

It allows you to deposit 3 type of currencies which are:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  1. PoloNiex:

If you’re looking for an exchange which would allow you to trade between different currency pairs, this one is the perfect option for you. It allows you to trade between 75 different pairs. Thus, you can easily trade between the different pairs without any problem. The only downside to this exchange is that you can only deposit money in the form of crypto currency. Also, the user interface of this particular exchange is not that friendly.

  1. Local Bitcoins:

This Bitcoin exchange accepts most of the popular currencies all over the world. You can even deposit cash in their bank accounts. You can use PayPal as well. You can also opt for bank transfers. You can easily buy Bitcoins through this exchange which would ensure that you are able to easily trade in Bitcoins. The user interface is also pretty easy to understand.

  1. CEX.io:

This exchange is located in London. It allows you to deposit funds with the help of cards as well as bank transfers and also Ethereum. The interface of this particular exchange is pretty easy to understand.

Some of the currencies in which you can easily deposit the funds are:

  • US dollar
  • Euros
  • GBP
  • RUB

So, if you’re looking to buy and sell Bitcoins, these are the 4 exchanges which you should be looking at. These 4 exchanges would not only ensure that you are getting plenty of liquidity but you can easily buy and hold Bitcoins as well.

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How to Get Bitcoins? Different Ways to Earn Your First bitcoin


In this blog post let’s see some of the top ways to get your first bitcoin, including some free methods.

All you need to do is put some effort in these methods, and you will see some very impressive results. Given below are some of the proven methods to get you a lot of Bitcoin quickly. Some of these methods need investment but many of these don’t and you can start making more bitcoins in short span of time. We have not listed any method that promises a 150% return on investment or double your bitcoin in one day as they are all scams.

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