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What is the Darknet? A beginner’s guide to Darknet


The Darknet – a deep mysterious hidden internet where you can buy and sell all kinds of illegal goods anonymously and with Bitcoin. At least that’s what most people think of it as. While the Darknet does indeed serve a clandestine marketplace for illicit products, it’s so much more than that.

In this article, we go through the basics of the Darknet; – what it is, why it was created, and what it’s used for now. Keep reading this practical guide to the Darknet and find out how you can access the Darknet in minutes.


A “dark net” is a general term for any network that is not the “surface web” or “clear net”. All websites are incognito, non-search engine indexible, and can only be accessed with a specific setup and using non-standard communications protocols and ports. And it isn’t just used for illegal activity – a lot of the Darknet are forums, blogs, essays, etc. Anyone who wants their information to be private and non-accessible to the majority of the public can place it on the Darknet with the right tools.

Terminology: Ever heard of the Dark Web or the Deep Web? Since 2015, these terms have been synonymous with Darknet. While some say there should be a distinction, most people will use them interchangeably.


The TOR (The Onion Router) network is perhaps the most popular privacy network that is a part of the Darknet. TOR software is free, and enables anonymous communication through an onion routing protocol, much like HTTP works on the internet. It was originally developed by the government to be used for internal anonymous communications, until it went public and became part of the Darknet.

At its foundation, TOR includes numerous “nodes” all around the world. When you send requests using the onion protocol, the protocol randomly selects an exit node for your request anywhere around the world so that it is not traceable. This fact leads to a common question:

Can the government access the Darknet and am I safe using it?

It depends. Based on what you’re looking for on the Darknet, you may end up in vastly different places. You could just be in a private chat room with your friends; or you could be on a forum for illegal drugs, intelligence documentation, or unlicensed weapons. And, since the Darknet is open to all, the government can, and does, access the Darknet. While it is almost impossible for the government to track an IP address because of the onion protocol, you can betray your information if you don’t know how to use TOR correctly.

What is Bitcoin‘s role in Darkweb?

How do I access the Darknet?

It’s actually extremely simple to access the Darknet – all you need is to download TOR and find you a directory or listing site to guide you around the Darknet.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of accessing the Darknet, do your research before clicking on any link or any particular website. You can safely and securely surf the Darknet if you don’t download anything and use your TOR browser correctly. Be safe and have fun.

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