Who Accepts Bitcoin? Companies And Stores That Take Bitcoins


Who Accepts Bitcoins As Payment?

Bitcoins as a currency is gaining more and more acceptance all over the world. They are also being accepted by a larger share of businesses online. The popularity of Bitcoins is not just limited to online stores but rather it is being accepted by offline businesses as well. Today we share with you some of the businesses who accepts bitcoin as a payment method.

List of Companies Who Accepts Bitcoin As Payment

  1. is a website to create free blogs. In case, you want to upgrade your free blog with more features, you can pay in form of Bitcoins.

  1. is actually a retailer which sells only high-value products at an affordable cost as they buy in bulk.

  1. Subway:

Whether you’re ordering online or whether you’re ordering from their store ,then you must remember that it accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Microsoft:

When you’re trying to buy any Microsoft product or whether you’re trying to buy Xbox, you would be able to easily do so with Bitcoins.

  1. offers certain premium features. You can use Bitcoins to access those premium features.

  1. Virgin Galactic:

When you’re trying to do any transaction on the Virgin’s websites like Virgin airline, you would be able to pay them with Bitcoins.

  1. OkCupid:

OkCupid is a dating website which accepts it’s membership fees in the form of Bitcoins.

  1. Tiger direct:

TigerDirect is a retailer of electronic gadgets. It accepts Bitcoin payments.


Namecheap is the domain registrar as well as the hosting provider which accepts payments in Bitcoin.

  1. offers you air tickets as well as hotel bookings and car rentals. It accepts Bitcoin payments as well.


Expedia is famous in the world of travel for booking hotels as well as specialty lodgings as well as car rentals and flight tickets. It also accepts Bitcoin payments.

  1. Gyft:

It is a website which offers you gift cards of various stores at discounted prices. It also accepts Bitcoin payments.


This is another electronic gadgets retailer online which accepts Bitcoin payments.

  1. Dell:

If you’re buying a new laptop or a new computer from, you can easily pay for it in the form of bitcoins.

  1. Wikipedia:

Wikipedia accepts donations in Bitcoins.

List of Online Services That Take Bitcoin As Payment

  1. The Internet archive:

The Internet archive is famous for archiving website records since a long period of time. In order to access a significant part of the database, you can opt for the paid membership or you can donate some amounts to it. It accepts the donations as well as membership fees in Bitcoins.

  1. Bitcoin.Travel:

This website has made Bitcoin as the most prominent currency which it accepts. It can help you in booking accommodations as well as a tickets and beauty salons as well as other attractions all over the world.

  1. Permbury Tavern:

This is a pub in London which accepts Bitcoins as payments.

  1. Zynga:

Zynga is a gaming platform which also syndicates its games on Facebook. It accepts Bitcoins as payments.

  1. 1-800-FLOWERS:

It is a flower retailer which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. A Class Limousine:

It is a limousine rental service based in Newark which accepts Bitcoins.

22: Apple App Store:

Apple App Store accepts Bitcoin payments for buying any app or upgrading features in any app.

23: Bing:

Bing is the 2nd largest search engine. It accepts Bitcoins as payments for advertising.

  1. Crowdtilt:

It is a crowdsourcing platform which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. CEX:

It is a retailer in Scotland which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. CVS:

It is a chain of pharmacies which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Curryupnow:

It has a chain of restaurants in San Francisco area. It accepts Bitcoins.

  1. ExpressVPN:

Express is a VPN provider which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Helen’s Pizza:

Helen’s Pizza is in Jersey City. You can pay for your pizza with Bitcoins.

  1. Home Depot:

Home Depot in the US also accepts bitcoins as payment for office supplies.

List of Stores That Take Bitcoin As Payment

  1. Kmart:

Kmart is a retail supermarket which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. One Shot Hotels:

One Shot Hotels is a chain of hotels in Spain which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. eBay:

The auction site eBay accepts Bitcoins as payment for the things which you want to buy.

  1. Save the Children:

Save the children is a charity organization which is involved in children welfare all over the world. This organization accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Seoclerks:

Seoclerks helps you in hiring seo experts for an affordable cost. This website also accepts Bitcoins.

  1. allows you to create your own e-commerce store which you can easily populate with the various products. In order to pay the membership fee of the store, you can use Bitcoins.

  1. Shopjoy:

Shopjoy is the online retailer in Australia. This online retailer is mainly dealing in unique gift items as well as novelty items. It accepts Bitcoins.

  1. is an online newspaper in Chicago. It accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Tesla:

Tesla produces electric vehicles. It also accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Victoria’s Secret:

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most famous lingerie brands in the world. It accepts bitcoins as payment.

Other Service Providers Who Accepts Bitcoin As Payment?

  1. WebJet:

Webjet is online travel agency which helps you in booking air tickets as well as accommodation options. It accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Whole foods:

Whole foods is famous for its organic food. It accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Zappos:

Zappos is online retailer which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Badoo:

Badoo is a dating service online which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Bloomberg:

Bloomberg is a newspaper related to business. It accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Dish Network:

Dish network is a satellite service provider which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Famsa:

Famsa is one of the largest retailers in Mexico. You can pay there using Bitcoins.

  1. Fancy:

Fancy is an online store selling unique stuff and novelty items. It accepts payments in Bitcoins.

  1. Grass Hill Alpacas:

It is a local farm in Haydenville, it is a farm which accepts Bitcoins.

  1. Grooveshark:

Grooveshark is one of the largest music selling websites in the United States. It accepts Bitcoins.


As you can see, there are many popular online websites which accept Bitcoin payment. Each and every day, the number of merchants which are accepting Bitcoin payments is increasing.

So, if you’re looking for websites which accept Bitcoin payments, these are some of the most popular ones.

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