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Hype is not always a good thing. Especially in development where things don’t always turn up the way people expect them to. In most cases not on time as well. Recently, all the hype about Constantinople, the new software upgrade has been blowing back. The initial test has definitely not met the community’s expectations. When the results weren’t favorable, the repercussions can already be felt.

The earliest plans for the software update had it go live this year. Modifications to the code were meant to introduce 5 improvements aimed at altering the blockchain’s economics. By all accounts, the release will now be delayed because of failure in the activation of the test network Ropsten.

Even though the software upgrade was said to go live in 2018, it was always rumored to be at the end of the year. A few meetings of ethereum’s open-source developer team last week, saw that the upgrade could be implemented next month.

Unfortunately, last week’s test network failure would probably make November a very low probability.

Software upgrades should be investigated under the microscope

It wasn’t a small bug or draw-back that has the developer team so worried. There were serious issues discovered with the code and a large bug was discovered.

The bug forced two different versions of the same software upgrade to be activated simultaneously on the testnet. There is already a patch with a supposed fix for the said bug.

One of the biggest mistakes developers have often made in the past was trying to catch up for lost time. They were quick to solve the obvious issues and didn’t look for underlying ones.

This is why ethereum developers are now taking their time to look carefully for something they might have missed. Many related issues could have been overlooked and it would be incredibly inconvenient if they popped up later.

A meeting between the developers has been planned for this Friday, but at this point it’s almost sure that the upgrade will be moved to 2019. This is seen by a few people as a positive development. The delay in release could be critical in locating critical issues, which could pose an even bigger delay in the future.

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