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 Hello and welcome back. Because we’re very fond of the idea of bringing you regular updates on the way things are going in the wild and wonderful world of crypto (and because we’re awesome), we’re again widening our horizon, so to speak, with more news on your recently updated possibilities.

Uncomplicated version: we’re back. Crypto is still on the up and up.

So what is the news? Honeyminer, the new mining software which promises to make mining accessible for just about anyone, has been released into the wild and is actively operating at full speed, gathering a large fan base all the while. Here’s what this is all about:

“Honeyminer gives anyone easy access to sophisticated mining software. Imagine earning meaningful passive income just by having your computer turned on, all while taking part in the blockchain revolution.”

Now, it may not exactly be huge amounts (couple of bucks a day) but this is a great way of getting into the business, getting the feeling of it, and understanding that stepping over that threshold that separates you and success is as easy as thinking about it.

Honeyminer is a great tool for beginners who want to learn how to mine, and, in fact, there is already a user base of more than 10 000 people.

So how does it work?

The idea here is that practically anyone who has a laptop can use HoneyMiner to earn small amounts of Bitcoins. Well, ok, technically Satoshis. And we may not be talking about plenty of Bitcoins overnight – but, admit it, wasn’t there always that little nagging thought in the back of your head? You could be doing nothing. Your computer could be generating money for you. In fact, it does kind of stand there all day and just…uses its GPU at 10%.

Noah Jessop, a venture capitalist that works as an adviser for HoneyMiner, states:

“We make it so that any surplus computer, so any laptop you aren’t using all the way up to a rig that you run is automatically doing the most profitable computation…The miner doesn’t have to do the math or manage all the configurations and settings, or manually check the prices…I would say there’s not a clear competitor for us, which is why we built what we built.”

For now, there is an automatic conversion to the wallet – but for those who would love to HODL new functionality is coming that will take care of all your needs short of bringing you slippers and coffee. Although the way things are going, you will probably be able to hook up one of those Japanese robotic dogs to your fitness bracelet and whistle – and voila.

Honeyminer basically burrows, sorry, borrows (we were thinking about honey badgers, obviously) the best algorithms from the most advanced systems like Whalesburg. For example, it automatically chooses the most profitable coins to mine.

Honeyminer sits there serenely in your tray, kind of like a big fat-cheeked bumblebee, and makes you money, which then can be transferred to a wallet. Basically, the program has been perfected so much that you do not have to do anything in the way of high-calculus maths, (it literally does everything for you – besides from pressing the On button). The installation is made as simple as possible, too. Nothing but commendations here: all you do is click on an exe file, type in your email, get your password, turn on the software, and you’re mining coins already. The payments get sent to the user’s wallet automatically at the end of the session. New Jersey-based Startup Honeyminer thought through everything:

“We did everything in such a way that any surplus power was used for computation, so any laptop that you do not use completely automatically performs the most profitable calculations.”

Why do I need it?

Basically, this is a good idea if you don’t have any knowledge of the system and want to try it, but you want to get in (for example, use a cryptocurrency exchange) and you need to deposit money. Honeyminer will just make it out of thin air for you. You also get a chance of becoming something bigger, even though the rewards may not be great – but isn’t being a part of something a reward in itself?

“We bring people together to find awards for the block faster. Together we have a larger hash,”

stated Larry Kom, one of the co-founders –

“We not only connect you to the blockchain and anonymize you through our service. You also contribute to what is, in fact, a pool. “

We know you may not be getting huge amounts using HoneyMiner. In fact, a few dollars a day. However! This is by far the most convenient way of making money, and having crypto at hand can be helpful because conversion in itself can be costly and time-consuming.

So why would Honeyminer be a good idea for all?

First of all, cyptomining is a very competitive area that is limited to people with plenty of expensive hardware. It is possible to provide access to the blockchain world to more people with fewer opportunities, making it a more democratic community.

Secondly, it’s a great way to learn how these things get done.

Thirdly, it’s a tool that may get people to start trusting the crypto community after all. Which is good because there are a lot of useful and world-transforming ways blockchain can really help.

Fourth, Absolute lack of risk means that it is nothing at all like trading binary options, which is what Bitcoin can be like sometimes. Here, you just receive.

And finally, HoneyMiner will introduce you to all the things that really matter in the greater world of crypto: 2FA, Secure Sockets Layering, cold storage asset protection (protect your assets! Sorry, we couldn’t resist).

At the very minimum, this is a great tool for those at the beginning of the path. At its maximum, it ’s a great dynamic mining pool with automatic profit switching that is remarkably accessible and democratic, squeezed into a small package – and it works perfectly well. Which is more than you can about a lot of devices today.

While this is not active income by any means (and it’s not meant to be), this is a very well-put-together tool with a lot of potential. We are waiting for Honeyminer Pro, and even more blockchain-based developments that will show us that the “minor” in “Honemyminer” is really just a temporary thing.


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